Content Conscious provides professional editing and writing services for digital media and print.


The cost of editing depends on the project and the service needed.

It’s best if we have a chat about the help you need. Price reflects the complexity of the project, its size and urgency. I’ll often ask to see a sample of your copy. Then I’ll quote a flat fee. The prices given below will help you to estimate the cost.

Outsourcing allows you to up your game and grow your business. It will give you professional copy that reflects your brand and more precious time to do the things you love!

Substantive editing or rewriting

from £99 per 1,000 words

The most requested edit. Your words – arranged and polished to make the most of them. Your expertise – professionally edited to ensure it’s clear and accessible. The best way to publish regularly with confidence.

We want to help small businesses to make an impact and offer reduced rates for sole traders and micro-businesses. Get in touch to check availability.


from £49 per 1,000 words

All the standard proofreading checks and some tightening of wording and structure. It can also include reformatting for digital publishing and best practice web writing.

Proofreading & proof-editing

from £19 per 1,000 words

All the standard proofreading checks and some tightening of wording and structure. Essential for web writing whatever channel you’re writing for.

Packages for regular writers & copywriters

from £59

Book time in my diary.  Read more

Web page rewriting

from £449 per page

Your web page rewritten to connect with your ideal clients. Your value and offer made clear in a tone and voice that’s authentically you. The whys and hows delivered in a structure readers love, so they find the answers they need. We get to know you, so your reader can too.

Web page editing

from £199 per page

Your web page edited to make your message clear and engaging. For content that’s clear, consistent, persuasive and great to read.

Content review


Improve your content quickly and find your voice.  Read more

Project management

priced by project

Need someone to help get your copy on your website, blog or social channels? This service will schedule and publish your content for you.

It can also include the little extras needed to make your content web-ready. Everything from meta descriptions and alt text to image editing.

Multiple authors to coordinate? Interviewing and creating transcripts? Outsource it. You can have the transcript edited ready to publish too! 


I’m not VAT registered, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Once we’ve agreed on a price, it won’t change unless you ask for extra work or make significant changes to the project. That means you know what you’re spending from the start.

All work has a minimum fee of £49.

Need something a bit different?

Ready to bring consistency to your content with a style guide for your writers? We can create one.

You’d like me to work with your website or CMS? I can do that.

Get in touch and we can chat about how I can help.

Editing rates in the UK