Content Conscious provides professional rewriting and substantive editing services for digital media and print.

Substantive editing and rewriting can revive and repurpose all types of written content. It can refresh a whole website in line with a new style and branding. It can also prepare an early draft of copy ready to publish.

What is substantive editing?

Substantive editing looks at the big picture – structure, coherence and design. It considers the intended use and whether the content, organisation and style help the reader.

A substantive edit can identify where more information is needed as well as what’s not needed. It considers whether examples serve their purpose – and if they match information elsewhere in the text. A substantive edit also checks that language helps a reader to navigate a document or web page. These signposts should be logical, well-formatted and clearly worded.

A professional editor instinctively considers these issues as they read a document. They will identify the changes most beneficial for the text in front of them. Those decisions will differ with the type of writing, its purpose and audience. And they will respect the style of the author.

A substantive edit may involve rewriting or restructuring all or part of a text. Edits to language are made to improve flow, readability and conciseness. They also help to express ideas clearly and organise complex sentences. And they resolve ambiguity caused by jargon and technical language – often confused by authors and confusing for readers.

Common types of writing received for substantive editing include articles and blog posts, reports, case studies, white papers, web pages and ebooks.

Who uses substantive editing services?

Businesses and individuals who want to elevate the writing representing their brand. They value well-written copy and know the benefits of substantive editing services. They’re experts in their industry and want their written communications to highlight that expertise.

This is the most popular edit provided by Content Conscious. Businesses – and individuals – like it because they know we’ve got them and their team covered.


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